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In This Moment


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In This Moment is written as a guidebook to be able to control all immediate outbursts, emotional changes, and positive mentality. It makes a point of bringing awareness to three factors: Instant Changes, Living in the Moment, and Positive Mental Energy. The first idea being energized here is of Instant Changes. Everything in the universe is available for access at any given moment. The only force stopping the receipt of this overflow of blessings is the belief of what we deserve or what we can maintain. Each phrase of this book has energy containing the power for Instant Changes. The second idea being energized is Living in the Moment. In This Moment are Life, Love, Glory, courage, Peace, Self Confidence, and all around Spiritual Wholeness. There is no other moment in Paperback $12.95, Softcover $18.95 Hardcover $21.95 Paperback $12.95 Hardcover $15.95, Softcover $14.95 existence but this moment. The past is a collection of mental photographs and the future is a picture of events and experiences hoped for. Let Living in the Moment is a conscious attempt to use each and every moment to experience euphoria and understand how to perform the duties that enable us to serve our universe to the fullest capacity.

The third idea being energized is Positive Mental Energy. Most of the phrases in this book are being positively angled in order to attract the energy that it intends to. The universe only reacts to the words with energy fields. The phrases attempt to focus on what we want to attract, not what we do not want to attract. Positive Mental Energy is the source to feed on to produce a positive and holistic outcome. Instant Changes, Living in the Moment, and Positive Mental Energy are all working together In This Moment to create a perfect you! Enjoy!!!

In This Moment by Vanessa L. McBee, (published by The Great House Publishing, Inc., Miramar, Florida, USA 2009, 58 pages, Paperback $12.95 Hardcover $15.95, Softcover $14.95 ISBN 1-889448-83-4 13-Digit 978-1889448831 Product Code: ITM199110 Category: Current Affairs, Religion, Inspirational

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