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The Prophetic Life



The work is energetic. It helps to launch people’s life on the course of living their dreams, staying in the principle of their vision and fulfilling the course of their destiny. The combine efforts of synergetic forces, global alliances, networking of corporate entities may very help have to look at this riveting and highly intellectual work, to understand the scope of their applied efforts and the involvement of a heavenly orchestration. The work is power pack, simplistic, potent in its nature to heal and warm as it brings creator and creation closely together in their working relationship and a must read for the present generation.

This book is written with the author having a vision for the next-Generation. He dares to cross the threshold of time and leap deep into the future with a simple approach, to an intricate way of life. Prophetic in nature, it would baffle any guru, startle hypocrite and illuminate the path for those that dwells in darkness. Written to the simple man, the work intertwines experiences fit for single moms, seasoned for the up and coming and power pack for those who have ‘arrived’.

The Prophetic Life: Powerful Truth For Powerful Leadership, by Michael Lattiboudeaire, (published by The Great House Publishing, Inc., Miramar, Florida), ISBN-13: 9781889448534 – ISBN-10: 1889448532, Hardcover $24.95, Pages 188, Publication Date: 10/10/1999 Product Code: FHTH99979 Category: CHRISTIANITY, RELIGION, INSPIRATIONAL, PROPHETIC LIVING, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP

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